Jewish in OC Micro-Grants


The Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County is excited to announce our first ever round of Jewish in OC Micro-Grants!


Goals: The goal of this program is to bring out new ideas in the Orange County Jewish community which will bring the community together, connect people to the community, positively impact the community, and help the community learn and grow together.


Outcomes: We are interested in funding initiatives that aim to meet one or more of the following:

  • Jewish Community Building: engage the community in new ways, especially among Jews who aren’t connected with our established Jewish communities
  • Jewish Social Justice: address a social justice issue in the community through the lens of Jewish tradition and values
  • Jewish Experiential Education: create new opportunities for Jewish youth and family education outside of the traditional classroom setting


Who is eligible to apply?

Any member of the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County is invited to apply. You can become a member of the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County by making a donation of $36+ to the Annual Campaign.


How will the grants be allocated?

The Jewish in OC Mini-Grant committee will review all applications and make the final funding decisions. Grants of $250-750 will be awarded based on the needs and merit of the project and the strength of the application. Grants of more than $750 may be considered. Grants will be awarded in the form of expense reimbursements following the submission of receipts or other documentation of expenditures along with a short Project Evaluation.


What is the timeline?

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. Please note that the funding is limited, and so applications received early may have a greater chance of being funded. Priority will be given to applications received by August 31, 2019.

All projects will be required to submit a report by December 15, 2019. Projects that have been completed by that date may submit their Project Evaluation and Documentation of Expenditures. Projects that have not been completed by that date must submit a Progress Report including an anticipated timeline for completion.


*Please Note: All Jewish in OC Micro-Grant Recipients must include the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County logo on all marketing and program materials and must state that This project was made possible by a Jewish in OC Micro-Grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County. Recipients may also be asked to present to Jewish Federation stakeholders about their experience and/or share images, photos, designs, software, or written materials with the Jewish Federation, which the Federation may use in any way including publishing on our website and social media.