Awaken to a Judaism that will infuse your life with purpose and meaning! Come hear speakers, the movers and shakers in the Jewish world, who have undergone spiritual journeys that will inspire and excite your hearts, minds and souls. We thank the family of the late Jacques, Florence and Harold Levine for their generosity and kindness. This series is FREE and open to the entire community.

Saturday, February 25, 2017     7:30PM at Temple Sinai     75 Highland Ave., Middletown

Abigail  Pogrebin     “My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays, One Wondering Jew”

When Jewish journalist Abigail Pogrebin heard about the much dissected Pew Study revelation that most Jews did not find a connection to Judaism, it occurred to her that perhaps they hadn’t looked deeply enough. She will discuss her unpredictable foray into religious life, strictly observing and learning about every Jewish holiday and fast, no matter how minor.  In the process she found a depth of inspiration and community that she did not expect. You will be provoked, moved and entertained.



Rabba Sara Hurwitz


Rabba Sara Hurwitz received the first ordination in America’s Orthodox community. Despite the fierce backlash that Hurwitz’s unprecedented ordainment caused in the Orthodox community, she maintained her title and her leadership position. Seeing the hunger of other women to follow her path to the rabbinate, she helped found Yeshivat Maharat. What gave her the strength and nerve to continue on?
Come hear her speak and find out.


Saturday, December 17th     8pm at Temple Sinai     75 Highland Ave., Middletown

Anat Hoffman


Dont miss the opportunity to hear the Israeli activist, Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center and the director of Neshot HaKotel, Women of the Wall. The Jerusalem Post listed her fifth among its list of 50 Most Influential Jews forcefully and successfully bringing the issue of women’s rights at the Kotel to the “forefront of the consciousness of world Jewry.”

There will be a Women's Philanthropy Reception at 7PM open to women who have donated $365 or higher in 2016 and/or pledge to do so in 2017. 



Joyce & Fred Claar     “Values and Ethics - Through a Jewish Lens

How as parents, grandparents and teachers do we serve as role models to our children and integrate Jewish ethical values into our daily lives? How do we prepare our youth to deal with the pressures and moral ambivalence, which characterize today’s society? In less than 30 seconds the topics in their book will empower you to create meaningful discussions that will touch the lives of your loved ones and teach Jewish values and ethics.