Part Time

Torah School Director/ Administrator

Monroe Temple Beth-El 314 N. Main Street, Monroe NY

Curriculum and programming
•    Review, develop and implement curriculum in Judaic studies and Hebrew reading/ prayer
•    Evaluate and purchase new textbooks as needed and provide for supplemental materials as needed
•    Develop special programs and events designed to support the goals of the Torah school such as grade specific, family and school wide programs
•    Organize and oversee the securing of grants for special programs from the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County and other donors
•    Schedule and coordinate all school field trips
•    Interview and hire teachers, aides and administrative staff as needed
•    Work with the Torah School committee chair to determine salaries of teachers
•    Supervise, evaluate and support teaching staff
•    Hold at least three staff meetings/ training sessions per school year
•    Arrange for substitute coverage as needed for teachers and aides
•    Meet with and discipline students in accordance with the Torah school behavioral policies and communicate with parents and teachers as necessary
•    Preside at annual TS open house
•    Speak with new and prospective congregants regarding TS
•    Review report cards and communicate with parents when educational issues arise
•    Write articles for Temple Bulletin during the school year ( 4 times per year- quarterly bulletin)
•    Be accessible and visible to the students and parents
•    Communicate to all staff the emergency evacuation plan
•    Conduct fire drills according to safety policy
•    Enforce TS safety policy
•    Remain on premises until last child is piced up from TS unless other arrangements hae been made
•    Attend all meetings for TS committee (one per month)
•    Review and develop TS budge policies and procedures with TS committee
•    The Torah School Director is supervised and evaluated by the Temple President, Rabbi and Torah School Chair
•    Key Hours: Class time Sundays 8:30-11-30 am Tuesdays 3pm-6pm Wednesdays-6:30pm-9pm
•    Attend annual congregational meeting which is typically held the 3rd Thursday night in May
•    Be present at family programs that occur prior to or during Friday night services ( 4-5 times per year
•    Overall time is approximately 20-25 hours per week on average
•    Vacation to be taken in coordination with the Torah School Calendar, the Temple President, Rabbi and Torah School admin

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